“Being loved and being kept safe go to the very core of the Church’s Ministry to children and vulnerable adults. The work of safeguarding has to be seen within the overall mission of the Church. As she seeks to protect the vulnerable and weak, the Church needs to ‘act justly,love tenderly and walk humbly with God’. (Micah 6:8).


Our Commitment to Safeguarding:

‘The Diocese of  Clifton is committed to Safeguarding as an integral  part of the life and ministry of the Church.Supported by and in compliance with the policies and procedures of the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service of England and Wales, we are striving towards a culture of safeguarding where all are safe from harm and abuse and where everyone is encouraged and enabled  to enjoy the fullness  of life In Jesus Christ through the prayerful, nurturing, supportive and protective endeavours of the Catholic Community, both individually and collectively.Our commitment applies to everyone who  within the diocese. That is Clergy, Religious, employees, seminarians, volunteers and agencies operating within the Diocese.We aim to be a place of welcome, where each person is respected and loved, and in which everyone receives and shares their unique gifts. We seek to support and protect each other, recognising that particular care may be needed for those who maybe vulnerable because of age, disability, illness or who may be vulnerable  because of past or current experiences.

The Diocese will ensure that any allegations of a safeguarding matter are responded to promptly  and liaise openly  with  statutory authorities  to support investigations, responding sensitively and compassionately to those in need, and  ensuring perpetrators are  held to account.

We affirm our undertaking  for the Diocese of  Clifton to be a place where  all come in confidence, and  that they will be cared for and loved by their Christian  Community.

As a parish and as a diocese we are committed to the safeguarding of all children and vulnerable adults.
Our parish recognises and follows the CSAS (Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service) policies and procedures.

Our diocese’s safeguarding details can be found at cliftondiocese.com

Our Parish Safeguarding representative is Deacon Paul Brandon.