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Fifth Sunday of Easter

 Although we may understand many more words, most of us only use about 800 different ones in our daily conversation. This means that we employ general words to convey lots of different things. Love is a word that we use to express all sorts of different things. We say that we love ice-cream. What we really mean is that we like it. We say that we love the way someone talks when what we are really saying is that it fascinates us. We sing of love in every pop song that reaches the charts, yet we are almost always talking about infatuation. So it’s natural that when Jesus tells us to love one another we translate it in our own minds as being nice to people. But the love Jesus is speaking about is much more than being kind, polite or considerate. The bible makes the extraordinary claim that God is love. This means that God’s essence, his very being, is love. To love, therefore, means to be like God. But we are not talking about a fatherly kindness or condescension. We are talking about the attitude that God has towards everyone he has made. God loves us in such a way that he yearns for us to know him, he longs for us to understand the dignity which he has given us through life, and he aches for us to respond to his offer of happiness. Each time we throw that offer back in God’s face we diminish ourselves, because we are made in God’s own image and likeness: we are made in the image of love. God never stops giving. He gives himself completely to us in Jesus Christ who came to reveal the God of love. When we have true feelings of love for another person we are responding to their loveliness, which is the same as their godliness. Our feelings of love only come about because we have experienced God’s love. That’s why Christians are called to see all God’s children as loveable and to respond to them with a care and concern that knows no limits. Loving our neighbour is not about respecting their space. It’s more about doing everything within our power to help them see their own dignity in God’s eyes. This is the same giving God who loved us so much that he gave his only Son, who in turn gave his life.


Mass Intentions

Daily Mass in the Cathedral
​Monday: 9.30am | Tuesday: 7.00pm | Wednesday: 7.30am
Thursday: 7.30am | Friday 9.30am | Saturday: 9.30am
Sunday Masses: 9.30am, 11.15am and 6pm
Confession Saturday after 9.30 Mass, for other times speak to a priest or Cathedral House 0117 973 8411

Sunday 15th May
Fifth Sunday of Easter
Tony Walker RIP
People of the Parish
Fr Jose Costas RIP

Monday 16th May
Fifth Monday of Easter

Tuesday 17th May
Fifth Tuesday of Easter
Int: Brian Cross RIP                                                

Wednesday 18th May
Fifth Wednesday of Easter
Int: Richard Shipley RIP

Thursday 19th May
St Dunstan

Friday 20th May
Fifth Friday of Easter

Saturday 21st May
Fifth Saturday of Easter

Sunday 22nd May
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Int: Bernadette Grzybowska RIP
Int: People of the Parish

Every Mass is a public official act, even though it might be offered without elaborate ceremonial. Strictly speaking, a ‘private Mass’ in the sense of a private affair is impossible. The entire Church together offers the sacrifice with and through the priest.

Mass Intentions for other days can be requested either by sending an email to or ring 0117 973 8411 Monday-Friday 9am-1pm. Please note that Cathedral House continues to be closed.


Please pray for the sick of our parish and for all who are unwell: Edmund Richardson, Gabriele Green, Eliza James, Annabelle Cervantes, Angela Manning, Theresa Johnston, Ian Venters, Barbara Freeman,  Mario Toffolo, Sue Wright, Christine Bartlett, Nick Lee, Steve Hatwood, Claire Valsler, Margaret Meech, Patrick O’Sullivan, Malcolm and Jane Cooper, Dinah McAlees, Patricia Sheppard, Timothy Robinson, Kate Painter, Steve Bell, Jo Cotton, Carol and Chris Chadwick, Valentina Kelemenova, Kate Cullen, David Bull,  Nic Dunn, Mary Burke, Ian and Amy Mackenzie, Maelor Raymond.​

And for all those whose anniversaries occur around this time: Elizabeth Smith, Desmond Northcott, Gloria Harrison, Bruce Sparks, Anna Kravicki, Patricia Crosse, Emilia Tyler.

We pray for those who have reciently died, their families and friends.
Dawn Sidoli, Fr Jose Costas


A number of parishioners have asked how they can continue to support the Cathedral financially whilst unable to attend Mass. The donation ‘button’ that has been added to the homepage of this website enables donations to be made using credit and debit cards and via PayPal. Cheques can be posted to: Clifton Cathedral House, Clifton Park, BS8 3BX. Any parishioners wishing to set up a standing order or make a payment directly to Clifton Cathedral are asked to e-mail

How much do you know about the 800 year history of the Dominican friars in this country?

The Dominican Province of England has had a dramatic history: it began with royal patronage and phenomenal growth, with friars preaching the gospel and rising to positions of high influence.

But at the Reformation, the Province was devastated and nearly obliterated – and yet somehow it managed to survive, revive and eventually thrive once more.
You can now discover this history and some of its key characters in a new online exhibition specially prepared to celebrate our Jubilee year!
Follow this link –

There is an active Fraternity of Lay Dominicans in Bristol . For further information see or contact Fernando Cervantes at

WELFARE GROUP: If parishioners know of anyone who would be glad of a home visit, or those who are sick and would like to receive Holy Communion, please contact Fr Cavan via Cathedral House. It’s important that those who ask for a visit are aware of the care that needs to be exercised to minimise risk of spreading infection.


As the Synodal Pathway of listening and discerning unfolds, we the bishops of England and Wales, are paying particular attention to the hopes and fears, the joys and anxieties of all who are sharing their thoughts and feelings with us.

Read more here   Honouring Sunday

CATECHISTS’ OPPORTUNITIES The last year or so has been quite a challenge when it has come to catechesis in our parishes. If there has been a benefit to the pandemic it is that we are all far more adept at doing things on-line. Therefore we continue this new venture gathering catechists, experienced and inexperienced, to meet on-line to share ideas and to possibly receive a little bit of formation at the same time. ‘Sharing the Journey’ – gives an opportunity for catechists to be renewed and refreshed by taking part in a series of on-line conversations with a variety of speakers from around the country. Each speaker will offer their own insights into different aspects of catechesis and evangelisation, followed by time to discuss and exchange ideas. Speakers & dates are:​

21 April: Mystagogia – it’s not a swear word – David Wells
19 May: Supporting people in our parishes who present with intellectual difficulties – Cristina Gangemi
16 June: Being a Catechist – David Wells

All are welcome to join, including anyone who is interested in this area of ministry but not yet involved. The conversations will take place on Microsoft Teams, 7.30pm – 8.45pm. To register your interest please contact: Microsoft Teams invitation will be sent out a few days before each talk.


During the pandemic many people have looked for new paths to wellbeing, including meditation. Some Christians will be unaware that in our tradition meditation is also a prayer practice going back to the earliest times. Whether you seek wellbeing or another way of prayer you might enjoy a free course on Zoom offered to local people of all faiths and none by Bristol and Bath Christian meditators. Starting Feb 22nd, running for six consecutive Tuesdays 7.45 to 8:45 p.m. For information, or to register (essential) email, call 01275463727, or via 

Safer Recruitment Officer
Full-time – 35 hours per week

There is a new vacancy in the Safeguarding team to support safer recruitment activities throughout the Diocese. Based in the Curia Offices in Pennywell Rd, Bristol, the Safer Recruitment Officer role provides support to parishes regarding the safer recruitment of people working and volunteering within the Church. The provision of Disclosure and Barring (DBS) administration is also a key element of the role.

For further information, the role is available on the Diocesan website


As many parishioners know, the retreat planned for September 2021 had to be cancelled because of the indisposition of Fr Denis McBride. Our next retreat will now be between 14-16 October 2022 at the Ammerdown Centre and will be led by Fr Nicholas King SJ. Fr Nicholas is a noted biblical scholar and has published his own translation of the New Testament, and is well-known to us as an inspiring speaker.

All those who had booked for the 2021 retreat will be automatically included in next year’s retreat unless they specifically withdraw from it. Places are limited so all those wishing to come on the retreat are advised to reserve a place as soon as possible. Further details and booking forms can be downloaded below or are available from the Cathedral Office or from Roger Bird at​ 
Retreat Booking Form


On Saturday 14 May from 9:30am-4pm, The Well in Westbury-on-Trym is hosting a day entitled: “Has Covid-19 Changed Our Faith?” by Diarmuid O’Murchu, with focus on the emerging spiritual and theological challenges and the pastoral implications for how adults are called to live out their faith in  the 21st Century.  Booking is essential via 0117 950 7242 or email More information is available on


Bishop Declan invites every parish to an evening liturgy at the Cathedral on June 22nd at 7pm when he will also present Clifton’s Synod report to each parish. It is hoped that at least two people including the Parish Priest will be present to receive the report. However, there are no restrictions on numbers so please encourage your parishioners to attend. So that we can facilitate the event we would ask you encourage your parishioners to book onto the event via this link Eventbrite


Thank you to all who participated in our listening events and joined us recently for the follow-up sessions. Your valued comments and feedback will now be shared with Canon Bosco so we may continue the synodal process in our parish.
“ The full report is available to read here:
A shorter “Executive Summary” is available here:
If you would like a printed copy of the Synod Report please contact the Cathedral Office

Clifton Music Festival 2022

The Clifton Festival of Music will be taking place once again after a 2 year break, from 11th to the 18th of June. Many of the events take place in the Cathedral, and this year our own choir will be taking part with a concert on the 12th June. We are very pleased to support the festival again this year.

If you would like more information about the events taking place, visit the festival website



Has returned to weekly sessions in the Apostle Room on Thursday from 9.30- 11.30am. Nominal cost £1 per family. Grandparents, child minders, nannies all welcome. For further information contact Fabiola Hayes 07717 828 204.




Thank you to everyone at Ss Peter & Paul Cathedral for your gift of £1385 to our Lent appeal, which we received recently. Your parish’s prayers and collective Family Fast Day donation of £1385 is so appreciated.

Thank you especially for your efforts in organising a collection in your church; for being a bridge between your community and our sisters and brothers around the world. Your parish’s support of Family Fast Day means that we can be there for more families experiencing hunger, poverty, discrimination and the dangers of conflict, and help them to rebuild their lives.

Mercy Group

The Cathedral’s Mercy Group is holding a lunch on Sunday 19th June at 12.30pm in the Apostle Room. The lunch is particularly for those who have been isolated during the pandemic who would like the chance to meet other people. Everyone can be assured of a warm welcome. All dietary requirements will be catered for. If you would like more information, or to book a place, please call or text Robert on 07767 706 163 or email

A prayer for Ukraine

Loving God,
We pray for the people of Ukraine,
for all those suffering or afraid,
that you will be close to them and protect them.

We pray for world leaders,
for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices.

We pray for the world
that in this moment of crisis,
we may reach out in solidarity
to our brothers and sisters in need.

May we walk in your ways
so that peace and justice
become a reality for the people of Ukraine
and for all the world.


Ukrainian refugees are starting to arrive in Bristol. Through our parish experience with the Clifton Refugee Sponsorship Scheme we are now able to offer support to Citizens UK in mentoring those who have offered their rooms and homes for Ukrainians. If you know of Ukrainian refugees housed in or near Bristol please help us to put them, and their host families, in touch with each other. If you speak Ukrainian and/or Russian please let us know urgently. Your help and support may be vital: Contact Paul Williams on 0117-9635544, or (preferably)

Flame 2023

As youth ministry rebuilds after the pandemic we hope this is an exciting prospect – something to aim for, and give hope, as young people (and all of us) get used to socialising again.

The theme of Flame 2023 – which is exactly 150 days before World Youth Day in Lisbon – takes the WYD Scripture (“Mary arose and went in haste”) and crystallises it into the theme, “Rise Up!” Rise up after the pandemic, Rise up as young Catholics, Rise up – as Mary did – for the surprising and beautiful adventure that is our Catholic faith.  Learn more about Flame 2023 at FLAME – CYMFed

This year, Clifton Diocese has booked tickets and a coach for 50 people.  If you’re interested in booking a ticket through and traveling with the diocese, please send an email to

WYD 2023

World Youth Day will next take place in Lisbon in 2023. The Department for Adult Education and Evangelisation is organising an eight-day pilgrimage from July 31 to August 8 2023 for young adults [18-35] in our diocese. The provisional plan is to spend six nights in Lisbon and two nights in Fatima. There will be formation sessions for the group before the pilgrimage to build community and support one another in our faith journey. If you are interested in learning more about the Clifton Diocese World Youth Day 2023 Pilgrimage, and will be at least 18 years old on 1st April 2023, please register your interest at World Youth Day 2023 | Clifton Diocese.


The Corner Club is a Seniors’ Support Group that meets from 10am to 3pm every Monday in Clifton. The coordinator will be responsible for maintaining the smooth running of this well-established group by supporting volunteers and staff to provide a happy and socially active experience for club members at our weekly meetings through conversation, a shared meal, activities and entertainment. You will need administrative skills and a facility for working with frail and elderly people. For a full job description of this nine hour a week contract please email

Join us in prayer

Since our humble beginnings, Mary’s Meals, named after Mary the Mother of Jesus, has been built on a foundation of prayer and the many little acts of love from those who believe in our mission.
During the month of May, which is traditionally dedicated to Our Lady, we hope you will join with us to pray for God’s continued blessing on our beautiful mission, that through His providence it will always flourish, and more children will see their lives transformed by our nutritious school meals.

We have a range of inspirational resources – including information for church groups and Holy Hours – to help you take part in Pray In May.

And remember, our wonderful volunteers would love to come to your church or group to talk about our work. To organise a visit, please contact us on or 0800 698 1212.

Bristol Catholic Chaplaincy

Accommodation is available for Catholic students of the University of Bristol, UWE, and other institutions of higher education in Bristol at Bristol University Catholic Chaplaincy in Clifton. If you would like the opportunity to be part of a vibrant Catholic community, please e-mail

Seeds of Faith

The Department for Adult Education and Evangelisation is offering a faith formation course ‘Seeds of Faith’ for experienced and inexperienced catechists, and anyone interested in learning more about our Catholic faith. The course consists of 10 Saturday afternoon sessions, we will journey together, share ideas and grow in this special ministry. Sessions start at 3pm, finishing at 5pm, with refreshments from 2.30pm.

These are in-person events starting on Saturday 18 June at St. George’s, Billet Street, Taunton, TA1 3NN. There will be Mass at St George’s at 5.30pm each Saturday.

The dates of the course are 18 June, 25 June, 9 July, 16 July, 3 September, 17 September, 24 September, 8 October, 15 October & 22 October. The course fee is £40 (or £5 per session), the payment details can be found on the booking form. For more information, a booking form and/or to register your interest, please contact: