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I want those you have given me
to be with me where I am,
so that they may see the glory
you have given me
because you loved me
before the foundation of the world. (John 17: 24)
Before taking leave of his disciples, Jesus prays that they may see the glory which he had as the only Son of the Father. Christ is now ascended to heaven and we are charged with the task of showing that glory to the world by our lives and actions. The eucharist which we share is a commitment to bring Christ to all, so that seeing his glory we may be one in him.

When you go to church you should actively seek something. You must not go like an empty basket, waiting passively to be filled. (Roger William Riis)
The deepest prayer that I could ever say is that which makes me one with that to which I pray. (Angelus Silesius)
None understand better the nature of real distinction than those who have entered into unity. (John Tauler)
When the doctrinal barriers between the churches are broken, and the bonds of peace are cemented by spiritual understanding and love, there will be unity of spirit, and the healing power of Christ will prevail. (Mary Baker Eddy)
From my home I send my best wishes and prayers to each of you in your homes and invite you to join us for livestreamed daily Mass at 9.30am, for the rosary on Tuesdays and Fridays at 5.30pm especially in this month of May. Recordings of each livestreamed liturgy can be viewed for up to seven days. If you need help in finding or accessing them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
I look forward to the day when we will meet in joy as a family again.
God bless you,
Fr Bosco.

MASS INTENTIONS: Sunday 24th May 2020 – 7th Sunday of Easter
Sunday 24th May – 7th Sunday of Easter: People of the Parish & John Somerville RIP
Monday 25th May – St Bede the Venerable: Gerald Williams RIP & Nicholas Kramskoy RIP
Tuesday 26th May – St Philip Neri: Luisa Polledri
Wednesday 27th May – St Augustine of Canterbury: Eileen Whiteside RIP
Thursday 28th May: Sarah Pearse RIP
Friday 29th May: Sr. Zoe Williams RIP & V.S James
Saturday 30th May: Geoff Barrett RIP
Sunday 31st May – Pentecost Sunday: People of the Parish

Mass Intentions for other days can be requested either by sending an e-mail to mary.manners@cliftondiocese.com or by leaving a message on the Cathedral House voicemail on 0II7 97384II. Please note that, although Cathedral House is currently closed, we are able to access the voicemail remotely and will be checking for messages on a regular basis.

Please pray for the sick of our parish and for all who are unwell: Edmund Richardson, Gabriele Green, Mary Peacock, Jane Cooper, Ann Fletcher, William Gregory, Jess Cox, Judy Haworth, Eliza James, Lorretto Coyle, Ken Wright, Adam Walker, Sheila Daly, Andy Dawes, Chris Vigars, Pat Kissane, Dolores Kennedy, Sylvia Hambidge, Allan Liversedge, John Hunt, Dinah McAlees, Jo Cotton, Frances Danks, Stella Bateman, Steve Bell, Denise Horobin, Stephen Ellis, Mary Burke, Deacon Rob Easton And for all those whose anniversaries occur around this time: Sr Monica Alexander, Peter Naish, Maud Andrews, Marian Pavey, Dominic Martin-Arvelo, Pauline Molyneux, Ann McNaught-Davis, Patrick Hingston, Joyce Deadman, Martin Puddle, Eileen Murphy, Thomas Payne, Sheila Kiernan, Frank Russell, Paolino Fragapane, Janet & Jasmina Cavanagh-Martin, Sam McDonald, Mona James.

RIGHT USE OF THE MEDIA: We pray for those who work in the mass media, and on World Communications Day we pledge ourselves to a more effective communication of the gospel through the modern means at our disposal.

NEW MEMBERS: Particularly at Pentecost, the birthday of the Church, we remember those who would have been received into the Church at Easter. We pray for them as their wait is extended, and we pray for God’s continued guidance for the Church throughout the world.

PRAYER IN THE PRESENCE OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT: Deacon James will be praying the Rosary from the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of Clifton Cathedral, livestreamed for parishioners to join in. This will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 5.30pm and will include Exposition and Benediction. All welcome.

PASTORAL CARE: The Clifton Cathedral Pastoral Care Team remains active during the coronavirus crisis, albeit in a slightly different way to normal. Any parishioners who have self-isolated completely, or who are feeling cut off from the world during this time of lockdown, and who would like to be contacted (regularly or just occasionally) by telephone, are warmly invited to contact Mary Manners at mary.manners@cliftondiocese.com or ring 07765 086525 during office hours 9-5.

STEWARDSHIP: A number of parishioners have asked how they can continue to support the Cathedral financially whilst unable to attend Mass. The donation ‘button’ that has been added to the Clifton Cathedral website at www.cliftoncathedral.org enables donations to be made using credit and debit cards and via PayPal. Cheques can be posted to: Clifton Cathedral House, Clifton Park, BS8 3BX. Any parishioners wishing to set up a standing order or make a payment directly to Clifton Cathedral are asked to e-mail mary.manners@cliftondiocese.com.

ST JOSEPH’S HOME: The Little Sisters of the Poor provide safe and professional care for vulnerable, older people in Bristol. In these unprecedented times staff and volunteers are going above and beyond to make sure high quality care continues, responding to the growing needs of the community. Due to recent Government restrictions the Sisters are no longer able to appeal for funds in the community, in parishes, supermarkets or street collections and can no longer make their annual appeal in the churches of the diocese. All fundraising events have been cancelled. All of this has had a dramatic impact on the funds available to look after vulnerable residents. The Little Sisters are appealing for crucial support to help safeguard the Home and meet the evolving needs of the residents. They are in real danger of of being unable to remain financially viable. They need help to purchase PPE such as gloves, face masks, sanitising gel, etc. All donations, no matter how small, will be gratefully received.
Cheques can be made out to Little Sisters of the Poor and sent to 66 Cotham Hill, Bristol BS6 6JT or donate at www.littlesistersofthepoor.co.uk/donate-here. Donations of PPE supplies will be gratefully received at the home. The Little Sisters have provided care for the elderly of Bristol for over 150 years – we can’t afford to lose them! Please help if you can!

MARY’S MEALS: The Charity of Mary’s Meals was started 28 years ago by Magnus MacFarlane Barrow his vision was to feed provide education and a daily meal to the world’s poorest children. It costs £15.90 to feed a child for a whole school year. Children are still going hungry and missing out with their education. The charity relies on local volunteers to serve and cook the food and funding from organising events and giving talks to churches for donations. Normally this would be happening this time of year. Unfortunately, this cannot be done at the moment. However, their founder Magnus has recorded a very short message to share his story to make awareness to parishes around the country asking for support. https://www.youtube /watch?v=h9e_zhu98HY&feature=youtu.be

PENTECOST SUNDAY 31ST MAY – National Rosary Rally 9am to 9pm England, Wales, Scotland Pope Francis is encouraging Catholics to pray the Rosary in their family homes during the month of May, especially when the Pandemic is making us aware of the value of our families and making it possible for us to pray together in lockdown at home. He encourages simple Rosaries and joining online Rosary initiatives to pray to Our Lady for deliverance from Covid-19 and he has composed two prayers for this intention. We are invited you to join in an initiative that follows on the Pope’s request, the Pentecost Sunday National Rosary Rally, from 9.00am to 9.00pm across Scotland England and Wales. Deacon James will lead a livestreamed Rosary from the cathedral at 1pm.

500 DRAW: March 1st 200, 2nd 46, 3rd 82, 4th 177.
April: 1st 115, 2nd 164, 3rd 205, 4th 37.
UPDATES: New information and updates will be added here, on the ‘News’ page of the Cathedral website.

Lambert Beauduin was a Belgian monk who gave many retreats. He often finished the retreat with the same saying:
I have told you many things.
Forget everything.
Remember just this one thing:
Christ is risen.