Clifton Cathedral News Updates

20th September 2020


I choose to pay the last comer as much as I pay you.
Have I no right to do what I like with my own? 
(Matthew 20: 14-15) 

God’s ways are not our ways, and God is able to see goodness and potential where we can see none. 
If other people receive blessings when we fail to see why, 
is it because God is unfair, or is it perhaps that our way of looking at things falls short of the Lord’s eternal plans? 

Too many people have decided to do without generosity
in order to practise charity. 
(Albert Camus) 

One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness.
It is usually returned. 
(C. Flint) 

We receive more than we can ever give; we receive it from the past on which we draw every breath, but also – and this is a point of faith – from the source of the mystery itself, by the means which religious people call grace. 
(Edwin Muir)

Mass Intentions

Sunday 20th September – Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Monday 21st September – St Matthew – James Edgar RIP, Mary Beach RIP and their son Samuel RIP

Tuesday 22nd September – Private Intention

Wednesday 23rd September – St Pius of Pietrelcina

Thursday 24th September – Our Lady of Walsingham – Harry & Bridget McBrien RIP

Friday 25th September – Margaret Mawditt RIP

Saturday 26th September – Priestly Ordination of Thomas Lawes

Sunday 27th September – Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Please pray for the sick of our parish and for all who are unwell: Edmund Richardson, Gabriele Green, Jane Cooper, Ann Fletcher, William Gregory, Judy Haworth, Eliza James,  Lorretto Coyle, Ken Wright, Adam Walker, Sheila Daly, ADawes, Chris Vigars, Pat Kissane, Dolores Kennedy, Sylvia Hambidge, Allan Liversedge, John Hunt, Dinah McAlees, Jo Cotton, Frances Danks, Stella Bateman, Steve Bell, Denise Horobin, Stephen Ellis, Mary Burke, Trevor Williamson, Jeff Dahm, Una Dean,  Jo Cotton, Kate Painter, Baby Miriam Western,

For those who have died recently,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

And for all those whose anniversaries occur around this time: Deacon Dennis Sutton, Sr Mary Hickey SMG, Linda Buckner, Madeline Dowling, Anthony White, Nellie Melling, Mary Julie Gorzkiewicz, Travers Cousins, Veronica Whaits, Therese Maingard, Harold Hawkins, William Jones, Patrick Thomas Kelly, Nora Findley, John Duggan, Gennie Tarlton, Evelyn Hallett, Joan Shipton, Anthony Gaughan, Caroline Williams, Louise McGarvey.

 Every Mass is a public official act, even though it might be offered without elaborate ceremonial. Strictly speaking, a “private Mass” in the sense of a private affair is impossible. The entire Church together offers the sacrifice with and through the priest.

Mass Intentions for other days can be requested either by sending an e-mail to or ring 0117 973 8411 Monday-Friday 9am-1pm.  Please note that Cathedral House continues to be closed.

Ordination of Thomas Lawes:

Thomas Lawes will be ordained by Bishop Declan at the cathedral on Saturday 26th September 2020 at 11am. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions the Mass will be a ticket event. Please remember Thomas in your prayers.

Due to the Ordination there will no morning Mass at 9.30am or Private Prayer.

Cathedral open for the celebration of Mass and Private Prayer

Mass on Sunday will be celebrated at 9.30am and 6.00pm, with daily Mass continuing at the new time of 9.30am. All of our Masses will continue to be livestreamed so that most will be able to participate from their homes. Due to social distancing and sanitisation requirements we will only be able to accommodate up to 150 people at each of our Sunday Masses, and up to 40 for the daily Masses(subject to variation according to families/social bubbles, using the 1metre+ rule).

Prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament: Deacon James will be praying the Rosary from the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of Clifton Cathedral, livestreamed for parishioners to join in on Tuesday and Deacon Paul will lead the Rosary on Friday. This will take place at 5.30pm and will include Exposition and Benediction. All welcome.

Stewardship: A number of parishioners have asked how they can continue to support the Cathedral financially whilst unable to attend Mass. The donation ‘button’ that has been added to the Clifton Cathedral website at enables donations to be made using credit and debit cards and via PayPal. Cheques can be posted to: Clifton Cathedral House, Clifton Park, BS8 3BX. Any parishioners wishing to set up a standing order or make a payment directly to Clifton Cathedral are asked to e-mail

500 Club Draw:

1st prize – 121 (£125) 2nd prize – 144 (£100) 3rd prize – 174 (£75) 4th prize 315 (£50)

Worldwide Marriage Encounter:

New online experience for marriage enrichment! Marriage Encounter Online Experience is 26 & 27 September 2020

Marriage Encounter are excited to announce a new online experience for marriage enrichment. For the past 50 years Worldwide Marriage Encounter has been offering marriage enrichment retreats all around the world. Focused on couples who want to enrich their relationship and gain a deeper understanding of the Sacrament of Marriage, it offers a unique experience to explore your relationship at a deeper, more intimate level, regardless of how long you have been together. During the Coronavirus pandemic our residential retreats have had to be cancelled so we are reaching out to couples who want to deepen their relationship by offering a newly energised video conferenced retreat. The next Marriage Encounter OnlineExperience is 26 & 27 September 2020, why not find out more at or contact us on 0845 260 2016.

Asylum seekers – can you help?

After several years working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, Roshan de Stone (Prof. Gavin D’Costa’s daughter) will return to Bristol in September. Along with other colleagues, she hopes to host two or more destitute asylum seekers in a shared house somewhere in Bristol. However, with rent competition high, they are having difficulty finding a landlord willing to accept such an arrangement. Roshan and her colleagues all have steady incomes and so can guarantee all rent, deposit and bills (including those of the asylum seekers). Hence any potential landlord would not face any extra financial risk in agreeing to this arrangement.

If you can offer support or help in any way please do get in touch with

Updates: New information and updates will be added here, on the ‘News’ page of the Cathedral website.


Governors invite parents and pupils to their
Thursday 24th September