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from Clifton Cathedral

3rd Sunday of Lent

Making a whip out of some cord, he drove them all out of the Temple, cattle and sheep as well, and scattered the money changers’ coins, overturning their tables.
(John 2:15)

If we are ever tempted to think of Jesus as a weak, passive, ineffectual character, then today’s gospel proves us wrong. We encounter the real anger of Jesus when faced with those who were using religion for their own advancement. As we make our own Lenten examination of conscience, we remember that God’s anger is still real when directed towards those who should know better.

613 commandments were given to Moses: 365 negative, corresponding to the days of the year, and 248 positive, corresponding to the number of joints in the human body.
(The Talmud)

To say, “It’s only a man-made law” is to miss the point. Only when civil laws are at variance with the laws of God are they strictly manmade.
(Hubert Van Zeller)

What else are the laws of God written in our hearts but the very presence of the Holy Spirit?
(St Augustine of Hippo)

If a church committee had been given the job of producing the commandments, we would have ended up with the Ten Suggestions.
(Rachael McDurris)

Mass Intentions

Daily Mass in the Cathedral
Monday-Saturday at 9.30am
Sunday Masses are 9.30am and 6pm
Stations of the Cross – Thursdays at 7pm

Sunday 7th March
Third Sunday of Lent
Int. People of the Parish

Monday 8th March
Weekday of Lent
John Penny RIP

Tuesday 9th March
Weekday of Lent
Loraine & Roger Manning

Wednesday 10th March
Weekday of Lent
Alan Govier RIP

Thursday 11th March
Weekday of Lent
Margaret Lehane RIP

Friday 12th March
Weekday of Lent
Glen Mallard RIP

Saturday 13th March
Weekday of Lent                        
Julia Duffy RIP

Sunday 14th March 
Fourth  Sunday of Lent
Pat Kissane RIP

Every Mass is a public official act, even though it might be offered without elaborate ceremonial. Strictly speaking, a “private Mass” in the sense of a private affair is impossible. The entire Church together offers the sacrifice with and through the priest.

Mass Intentions for other days can be requested either by sending an email to mary.manners@cliftondiocese.com or ring 0117 973 8411 Monday-Friday 9am-1pm. Please note that Cathedral House continues to be closed.


Please pray for the sick of our parish and for all who are unwell: Andy Dawes, Malcolm Cooper (husband of Jane, below), Michael Palmer, Sister Marika Rebicsek, Peter Wood, Edmund Richardson, Gabriele Green, Jane Cooper, Ann Fletcher, William Gregory, Judy Haworth, Eliza James, Ken Wright, Adam Walker, Chris Vigars, Sylvia Hambidge, Allan Liversedge, John Hunt, Dinah McAlees, Stella Bateman, Steve Bell, Stephen Ellis, Mary Burke, Trevor Williamson, Jeff Dahm, Una Dean, Jo Catton, Kate Painter, Baby Miriam Western, Barbara Freeman, Baby Isla Sophia Duffy, Ian Venters, Mike Daniel, Annabelle Cervantes, Patricia Sheppard, Jessica Cox, David Bull.

And those who have died recently.

And for all those whose anniversaries occur around this time

Mgr Donald McMillan, Fr Daniel Campbell, Br Charles O’Donnell, Sr Rita, Jeanette Nicholson, Muriel Eden, Gwendoline Bradley, Arthur Tomlinson, Betty Stevens, Mary Sheeran, Valerie Kingman, Joe Jacklin, Nora Williams, Alan Govier, Dorothea Middendorf, Jacqueline Cannon, Anthony Blacker, Miguel Bottolotto, Nora Mellor, Antonia Casey, Una Thirza MacGranthin.


A number of parishioners have asked how they can continue to support the Cathedral financially whilst unable to attend Mass. The donation ‘button’ that has been added to the homepage of this website enables donations to be made using credit and debit cards and via PayPal. Cheques can be posted to: Clifton Cathedral House, Clifton Park, BS8 3BX. Any parishioners wishing to set up a standing order or make a payment directly to Clifton Cathedral are asked to e-mail mary.manners@cliftondiocese.com

Ash Wednesday was one of the last Masses sung by the full choir in 2020, this recording of our Passiontide Meditation includes pieces sung then and over Lent.

Clifton Cathedral Junior Choir

Membership of the choir offers children the opportunity to develop their musical and vocal skills, particularly sight-singing, and to make new friends with similar interests whilst having fun and performing a wide choral repertoire to a high standard.

More information (pdf)

Contact Junior Choir Director Stephen Bryant here

Midnight Mass

If you missed Midnight Mass from Clifton Cathedral or would like to watch again, it is avaialble on BBC iPlayer. Click on the image below for more.

Download the order of service here.
Midnight mass OoS pdf




You can download a copy of the Bishop’s letter here (pdf) Pastoral letter Lent 2021

Churches Together in Clifton Cotham and Redland
On-Line Events for 2021
Lent Conversations 22 February to 19 March
World Day of Prayer 5 March

More information attached…Lent Conversations poster 6 January

Lent 2021

Throughout Lent, we offer the opportunity to walk with Christ along the Via Dolorosa to Calvary. This devotion was first developed during the Crusades and has been highly recommended by the Church ever since. We will follow the Way of the Cross each Thursday to Holy Week on Live Stream only beginning at 7pm. The Cathedral will not be open during the meditation to comply with Covid regulations.

We have a dedicated ‘Lent 2021‘ page which will include links to The Way of the Cross and other information as we travel towards Easter


Why sing the hours?

The purpose of this project is prayer. Specifically, we join with Christians worldwide and in all ages in the traditional daily prayer called the Liturgy of the Hours. If you’re interested in joining this form of daily prayer follow the link singthehours.org/ (US site)

Or you can pray the Divine Office here


Due to current Covid-19 restrictions we are not yet  able to commit to a date for Confirmation preparation this year. However, if you are interested in being Confirmed you should have reached your 14th birthday by 1st September 2020, be baptised and actively participating in the life of the Church by regular attendance at Mass either by coming to church or via live streaming. For further information and to register your interest please contact Paul Hill – cathedral.confirmation@cliftondiocese.com. Expressions of interest are also welcome from adults (18+) who wish to be Confirmed.


CAFOD Lent Appeal

Abdella lives in an extremely remote and mountainous part of Ethiopia. It takes him ten hours a day to collect water. He says his life is being wasted as he has no time for anything else. Give today to reach vulnerable communities around the world with water and to provide other vital support. Donate online at cafod.org.uk/lent or by using a CAFOD envelope. You can also give via text. Text LENT to 70460 to donate £10*.
*Texts cost £10 plus one standard rate message you’ll be opting in to hear more about CAFOD’s work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to give £10 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text LENTNOINFO to 70460. For more information, please see CAFOD’s Privacy Policy: cafod.org.uk/Legal-information/Privacy-notice

New Resources for the God who Speaks and opportunities for Lent.

For this Lent at Home The Bible Society have some new resources and updates. Visit godwhospeaks.uk/lent-at-home for more information.

The National Novena to St Joseph will take place from 10th – 18th March 2021 at St Joseph’s Church in Maidenhead. For more information, visit our page dedicated to the Year of St Joseph.



The Global Catholic Movement invites you to “Global Healing.”

In 2015, Pope Francis published his ground-breaking letter on the environment Laudato Si’. Since then, millions of people worldwide have joined the global movement to address the environmental crisis our world is facing. This Lent, we are inviting YOU to join us for a series of reflective evenings with inspiring speakers, prayer and discussion, using the film-based resource “Global Healing”. These engaging documentaries will inform and challenge people to respond to Pope Francis’ call to Care for Our Common Home. Suitable for all who are concerned about what is happening to our world and who want to take action.

The series is six Thursday evenings from 18 February – 25 March 2021, 7.30pm – 8.30pm To register please email: jane@catholicclimatemovement.global

It is hosted by GCCM Laudato Si’ Animators in the UK.

“Living our vocation to be protectors of God’s handiwork is essential to a life of virtue; it is not an optional or secondary aspect of our Christian experience…Truly, much can be done!” (Laudato Si’, 217, 180)

The registration link is: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcvcOuuqzsvEtMBwz2hxBzhhvwy0hcgyoEb


Thanks to your generous donations to our appeal, Bristol NW Foodbank have received a further £800 of supplies to support the increasing numbers in need at this very difficult time.  Our latest goal is to raise a further £1265 by March – which would mean a total raised of £6000 (£500 for each month of the appeal since it was launched last year).  Any donations you are able to give as we continue to support the work of the Foodbank would be much appreciated thank you



Our 10th anniversary year of silence

The world has changed this year – and we know that Generation Z will be some of the worst-affected by the impact of Covid-19. Their education, employment and future prospects are all suffering. Their future hopes are being crushed. Yet young people’s voices are not being heard. They are not in the rooms where choices about the future are made.

For more information visit our website millionminutes.org/

Echoes of God: Journeying with the word of God

David McLoughlin invites you to join him on a journey through the whole Bible in this wonderful 7 week course.

The aim of this series is to help us get a sense of the Scriptures as a whole. To see the unfolding of God’s liberating and creative love in the history of Israel and in the Church.

For more information, visit the ‘God who speaks’ website.

Are you interested in working with young people in your parish but feel you haven’t the knowledge or skills to do this. If so, then this course may be of interest to you. Equally if you would like to brush on your skills or hear how others are doing the work then this course may also be of interest to you. It’s an on-line course so no travel required! Cost £48 for 10 sessions with highly skilled speakers experienced in Youth Ministry. Starts Tuesday 16 March : www.castleriggmanor.co.uk/engage