On the 11th June to mark the centenary of the Battle of Messines the Cathedral will be holding a concert "Into the Light" which will remember the 17,000 Allied casualties and the 25,000 German casualties as well as all those affected by war but will also reflect on the hope we have for peace in our world. 

Bishop Declan will be celebrating the 11.15am Solemn Mass on Sunday 30th July to commemorate the Battle of Passchendale where 275,000 casualties were lost overall to the armies under Bristish Command. The Germans suffered another 220,000 killed and wounded in the same battle.

The Battle of the Somme: On Friday 18th November 2016, the Cathedral hosted a screening of the 1916 documentary film depicting the early days of the Battle of the Somme, accompanied by a new musical score by Laura Rossi performed live by the Bristol Symphony Orchestra. The concert was well attended and those who came found it a very moving experience.