The Sacrament of Marriage joins a man and woman together in a loving covenant with God. A marriage in the Catholic Church must be permanent, exclusive and open to the possibility of having children and raising them within the Church. Catholics believe that marriage is a gift from God, as Jesus was united with his bride, the Church, and therefore husband and wife should grow together in love and trust. Marriage in the world of the church is a sacrament for life not just a wedding. Christian Marriage is a real and effective sign of the covenant of Christ with the Church. Marriage between baptised persons is a true Sacrament of the New Covenant.

The Catholic Church believes that this massive commitment and important sacrament warrants their active involvement and support during the build up and so asks all couples getting married in the Catholic Church to go through a marriage preparation programme before the marriage.

Marriage preparation conjures many thoughts and misconceptions. Common amongst them: ‘What can a priest tell me about marriage?’, ‘We are already living together - what have we got to learn?’ and ‘I am getting married not joining the church and am not interested in attending prayer meetings’.

None of these could be further from the truth. We see marriage as a sacrament presided over by God and as such it warrants an appropriate degree of preparation. Marriage preparation is usually led by either Fr Bosco or Deacon Kevin who lead the engaged couple through the programme.

If you wish to book your wedding at the Cathedral please contact Cathedral House on 0117 9738411 to arrange a suitable date. More information is also available from the Music Department and from Anne Barwell's floral group.