Year on year the Clifton Cathedral Parish has organised a series of fundraising events to raise money for charitable or other good causes and, in the process, brought parishioners together in a spirit of community. This enterprise has been branded ‘Parish Projects’.

During recent years Parish Projects activity has declined due in large part to the shortage of new volunteers to take over from stalwarts that have done such a magnificent job in the past. We now wish to revive the programme with the appointment of a volunteer Parish Projects Coordinator to inspire and lead a new team.

Parish Projects Description

In recent years the Parish has adopted two causes for which money is raised over a 3 year period; one supports needs at home the other abroad. In advance of a new 3 year cycle, causes are invited to present their case to an open meeting of Cathedral parishioners who select the causes to be supported through a secret ballot.

Examples of organisations supported over the years include Mary’s Meals, St Joseph’s Home, Motivation and Emmaus.

Duties of Coordinator

  1. To form a working group/social committee and lead that group in the development and running of an annual fundraising programme that brings parishioners together for social events. Past examples of events in that programme include: Quiz Night, Auction of Promises, Harvest Supper, Wine Tasting, Musical Evening and an Illustrated Talk.


  1. Through the Working Group to:

            a) organise and publicise events and sell tickets

      b) maintain financial records including a bank account

      c) to liaise with the nominated charities and give feedback to the parish on the

         work being done with the help of Parish Projects contributions


  1. To organise the 3 yearly Parish meeting to select new causes.

If you would like to express interest in this volunteer post, please contact Chris Brennan, Tel 0117 968 7322, email chrismarybrennan@btinternet.com