Hungry for Change

In a world which produces enough food for everyone, 1 in 8 of our planet's population (equivalent to the entire population of Europe, America, Australia and Canada) don't have enough to eat & go to bed hungry every night.

CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign seeks to change the way in which food is grown, sold and shared out in our world – so this does not continue to disadvantage the world's poorest people. God created an abundant world with resources for all to share & this should provide enough for everyone's needs. But our food systems concentrates power in the hands of global companies, investors and governments, sidelining small-scale producers and consumers across the world.

As with all CAFOD campaigns, Hungry for Change seeks to achieve lasting change to bring about real empowering benefits for the world's poorest people. Key themes of the campaign are to call for


  • Empowering aid for small-scale farmers, especially women, to help them access markets and increase their income, bargaining power and voice in decision-making


  • Checks on the power of global food companies, requiring them to report on the lobbying they do and their impacts on human rights – and to ensure that workers in global supply chains get a fair deal


Hungry for Change also asks us as individuals to focus on the choices we make about what we eat and buy. To change the global system, we each need to recognise our part in it and live out our desire for a fairer food system

Lent Fast Day is Friday 22 February when we are invited to go hungry in solidarity with the world's poorest people – not just a hunger through having less to eat, but also having a hunger for change. The child featured on the Fast Day envelopes is Tabita, whose parents are called Rose & Charles, living together as a family in Kenya. Three years ago and just a baby, Tabita was dying from hunger because the drought left the family with very little to eat. Her mother remembers that “sometimes I would go without food for three days. My children would cry because they didn't have enough to eat, but if we did have a little, we would go without to feed our children”. Fortunately, Tabita and her family now have new hope, because of a dairy goat provided through your support for CAFOD. This wasn't any old goat, but a super goat! A goat able to survive the drought, and produce far more milk than a flock of many local goats. The milk helped keep the family alive and now they are stronger, they can plant crops and grow food to feed themselves, today and for the future.

This Lent, our support can help many more families look forward to the future with hope. We can fast, or we can give something up. And by donating the money we save to support CAFOD’s work, not only can we help children like Tabita change their lives for the better, we also express our commitment to our global family. £90 will buy a dairy goat, £20 hire a tractor ploughing nature of land, £9 provide seeds for 3 families to grow food, £3 and provides 2kg of beans which give vital proteins for malnourished children. This support can be through donations in the Fast Day envelopes, entering into a direct debit to provide regular financial support for CAFOD’s work and through our prayers. Tabita’s mother tells us “there were times when I thought God had given up on us, but I prayed everywhere I went. In the evening I prayed, in the morning I prayed”.

Every little step which we can take, plays a part in creating a more equal world, a world where God's wonderful abundance is shared by all, where everyone has enough. Last year's Thirst for Change campaign raised a magnificent £9.4 million, can we match this!

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