The Clifton Cathedral Pastoral (CPC) is guided by Bishop Declan’s Called to be a People of Hope, published in 2008 with the guiding principle “this is what the Lord asks of you, only this: that you act justly, that you love tenderly and walk humbly with your God”. CPC seeks to serve in helping the parish to fulfill its mission of being “a loving, embracing and thriving community with Christ at the heart of our lives, finding God through reflection, prayer and worship, and witnessing to the Good News of Jesus Christ through our words, actions and service to others”.

The CPC comprises the parish clergy and up to ten elected lay members drawn from a wide range of parish experience and interests; the Parish Administrator and Director of Music attend CPC Meetings. It elects a Chair and Vice-Chair, and appoints a Secretary, at the October meeting. New members are introduced to parishioners at the annual Parish Forum, which was last held on Tuesday 20th September 2016.

We meet normally five times a year (in addition to the Parish Forum), usually on Tuesdays. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 9th May 2017. CPC members are normally available to listen to comments and suggestions after the Masses over the weekend ten days before the next Council meeting. We consider carefully what you have to say, and you can see the comments and our responses in the question and answer section linked at the right. We will carry forwards the comments we received in February to our May meeting.

At our meeting on Tuesday 21st February, we considered carefully the comments made by parishioners who attended the parish meeting on Thursday 16th February to discuss the Bishop’s Pastoral Letter of Sunday 1st January inviting views on the future of the diocese.  The Pastoral Council’s reply to the Bishop, based on comments at that meeting and on some individual e-mail contributions, can be found using the links on the left hand side of this page.

As a Council, we support the work of Canon Bosco and the parish clergy, and offer suggestions, taking into account what we hear from you, for enhancing the pastoral care and related activities of the parish. In doing this, we seek to encourage the parish to be a welcoming community that seeks to understand and spread the joy of the gospel both in the parish, and by reaching out to the local community and further afield. The CPC tries to support and encourage members of our community in their spiritual and daily lives, and works with Canon Bosco to ensure that the liturgical needs of the parish are catered for. The CPC recognises the diversity of backgrounds, talents, and contributions of the parish community, and wants to work with you in promoting the dignity of every person, and the spread of a moral and just society.

“Called to be a People of Hope” suggests a wide range of areas for CPC activities, and the Cathedral parish is involved with a number of these. Having listened to parishioners carefully, we are continuing to focus particularly on improving communications within the parish community, welcoming parishioners and others to the Cathedral, supporting the housebound, supporting the Foodbank and Traidcraft initiatives, working more closely with other Christian communities and strengthening our understanding of other faith communities. Over the coming months, the Council will be reviewing its progress on implementing the suggestions in "Called to be a People of Hope", and will be inviting comments from parishioners on the ways forwards.

We are delighted to be supporting our two special charity projects, Borderlands and Bristol Life, over a three-year period (from January 2015), and a number of social events will be arranged to contribute funds to the charities as well as providing enjoyable get-togethers.