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The Cathedral is currently undergoing renovation work to the roof, and unfortunately this means that at times the building has to be closed to the public for reasons of safety. Saturday and Sunday Masses are still held in the Cathedral, but if you are planning to visit the Cathedral at any other time, please telephone Cathedral House (0117 9738411) beforehand to confirm that the building is open. Morning Mass from Monday to Friday is held in the James Room in Cathedral House.


The Cathedral will be closed on weekdays until further notice.


Sunday 28th August 2016
Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

Ecclesiasticus 3: 17-20, 28-29;   Hebrews 12: 18-24;   Luke 14: 7-14


After You, Claude.

Someone once said that we were made by God on the sixth day to keep us from being boastful, since we come behind the flea in the order of creation!

A lot of nonsense is talked about humility and a lot of false humility is found masquerading as the genuine article. False humility is pretending that you are less than you really are. It’s saying that you’re not a good actor when you have just won an Oscar, pretending you’re scared of heights when you’ve just climbed Everest, and claiming not to be a good cook when you’ve just spent eight hours in the kitchen getting everything exactly right. False modesty only wants to be contradicted so that the compliment sounds louder.

When Jesus talks about taking the best places in church or at a dinner, about being greeted with all our titles and treated with importance in the street, he is really pointing out to us that this is not how God behaves.

If anyone could boast, it would be God. Yet everything about God’s dealings with us smacks of humility. Jesus’s life and death was a picture of lowliness. He had no reason to blow his own trumpet, for everything that he had came from his Father.

True humility today lies not in dressing in charity-shop clothes, not in denying the gifts and talents we have, not in hiding our vintage champagne in case people think we are rich. True humility is acknowledging everything that is good about us, proclaiming it from the housetops, and using it for the good of others. But its essential ingredient is to recognize that without God we are nothing, and all that we are is due to God’s generosity.



Scripture Reflections (below) © Peter J Harrison 2016